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To be upfront: I write dystopian fiction for an adult audience, no YA to be found here.

I always speculate about the darker sides of humanity, from the egotism of oppressive regimes to the intricacies of everyday peer pressure.

I believe the only way to mitigate an ever-encroaching dystopian future of our own is through an understanding of the underlying, basic emotions and behaviors at play between human beings.

So that's what I explore in my stories.

Enjoy - at your own peril.

The author

Portrait of Trevor Wynyard

I dream of utopias chock-full of craft beer, indie rock and pistachio ice cream.

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The Decision

Are you ready for the red pill?

The F.A.Q.

How futuristic are your settings?

The futures I'm most curious about are only two wrong turns down the road from today.

What can I compare your stories to?

For pop-cultural references, think fiction like Howey's Wool and tv-series like Brooker's Black Mirror.

What's your fields of interest?

I love myself a dark mix of psychology, politics, technology, science, biology and ideology.

Do you use profane language?

I would never streamline or invoke censorship upon my characters. So, like in life, cursing happens.